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My video pics for the day, musical vegetables

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I was looking for videos on youtube showing how to play the flute / recorder and somehow I ended up here:

The introduction to musical vegetables, apparently carrots work best.

The introduction was great, but this is even better.  Notice how he eats the shavings from the carrot and the delicate care he takes in making precise cuts.

Who could ever think that life was boring!

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

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Here is my Library DVD pick for the day.  The Pied Piper of Hamelin, 1957.

It’s a funky sort of musical that is set like a stage play with Dr Seuss type rhyming, except that none of the words are made up and the musical arrangement is more like a symphony.

All the men wear tight pants, is that historically correct for the time period?  I don’t know, I guess Shakespeare is always depicted in tight pants.

Here is a quote from a scene where the daughter of the mayor asks her husband to be, the hero, not to go against her father, so he won’t try to prevent their marriage.

The hero says:

“Would you … deprive me of my sight?  To see the world through but one eye, half the truth and half a lie?  It would be as if you say, love me every other day.  Would you have my heart, in part?”

It’s a wonderful production, with many morals to the story that would apply to our day and age.  But, the sun is shining, its a beautiful day, and I’m not feeling in a preachy mood, so see for your self if it has any meaning to you.

I’m off to ride my bike to the farmer’s market and then the library.